Lewis Pinault

Dr Lewis Pinault is Managing Investment Partner, Japan & Asia Pacifi based in Tokyo and Silicon Valley, building a strong portfolio of pioneering technology startup companies that span across Asia and the globe, with a special interest in science-driven opportunities that translate to systemic data-business advantages. Advising and supporting Airbus projects for over a decade, Lewis also worked on Royal Dutch Shell’s open innovation system for engaging startup companies, guiding and integrating their Shell Technology Venture Fund and GameChanger initiatives. He led incubator and innovation center design for the UK Government’s Digital Catapult, Electronic Data Systems, Shell, and others. Previously, Lewis was a Financial Institutions Partner at Coopers & Lybrand in Singapore and Hong Kong, beginning his early consulting career at The Boston Consulting Group in Tokyo.

Lewis particularly enjoys networking out to startups through his writing, speaking, and continuing research activities with UCL’s Centre for Planetary Sciences. Ever an explorer of the flights of imagination that take us from the deepest oceans to the stratosphere and beyond, with determination to translate them to practical and explosive success, he’s advised both Google Lunar and Avatar XPrize teams, and in his latest book Mars Ahead: Our Race to the Red Planet (Little, Brown 2017) he highlights ‘the unique role of aerospace startups around the world, in taking us to the next one.’ Lewis earned his bachelor of science at MIT, completed his MSc at London School of Economics as a Fulbright Scholar, and was a NASA Space Grant Fellow at the University of Hawaii, where he completed his juris doctorate in international law and planetary geophysics.