Airbus Ventures SkyDefy Judging Criteria


Assessing relevance of business idea and potential benefit of the project future of urban air mobility:

  • If the business is successful, will it have a significant impact on the future of mobility and airborne travel and transport?

  • To what degree will the business idea affect the aerospace and mobility industries?

Solution Creativity

Assessing the degree of innovation and novelty of the idea:

  • Has there been a similar idea beforehand?

  • Does the project offer new and creative solutions to solve existing problems in the field?

  • To what extent does it improve existing products or business models currently in the market?

Execution AND Financial Strategy

Assessing the plan for the execution of the business idea and for financial funding:

  • Is the business model sound and realistic? Does the team have a coherent and well-structured execution plan?

  • Are financial and business growth forecasts realistic?

  • Does the business plan offer realistic assumptions on scaling production of the product?

  • Does the team have clear and viable ideas about how to finance the company?

  • Does the team already have the right to use any IP it needs to execute the idea, or a viable path to doing so?

Market and Customer Knowledge

Assessing the reflection of market and customer knowledge in the business plan:

  • Does the team demonstrate thorough knowledge of the market they are entering (e.g. market size, competitive landscape, substitutes, stakeholders, regulatory and policy framework)?

  • Was primary customer research carried out to support market assessment?

  • Does the team demonstrate evidence of demand for product?

  • Does the team understand the customers and their needs?

  • Are there realistic plans to deal with possible competitors?

Team Composition, Chemistry, and Commitment

Assessing strengths & weaknesses of the team:

  • Does the team have a well-balanced mix of expertise and backgrounds (e.g. technological, entrepreneurial, business, policy)?

  • Are the team members working well together? Are responsibilities spread equally among the various team members?

  • Does the team appear to be committed to stay together for the short to medium term?

  • Does the team have a clear strategy to cope with future growth, including adding new members to the management team, as necessary?